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fully closing

Our precise components allow an exact light dosing with identical light colour tempe-
ratures, exact projection and illumination surface control and explicit focus depth setting.

Field of Application
In addition to the many applications in the optics industry, our iris diaphragms are mainly
used in opto-electronics, laser and medical technology and, of course, in lighting technology.

The use of high quality materials combined with the highest standards of fabrication guarantee
that our iris diaphragms provide functional reliability even when subjected to the most extreme
operating conditions.

At the heart of the component are hardened spring steel leaves with a burnished, reflex
reducing surface. Where greater resistance to heat is required, stainless chrome nickel steel
is used. Smooth diaphragms motion is achieved by rounding the edges of the blades, which
are then subjected to an exacting vibratory grinding process. Maximum surface protection of
our blades against corrosion is attained by a special burnishing process. Finally, an invisible
coating is laid onto the surface of the blades to further enhance their gliding smoothness.

Manufactured of a corrosion resistant aluminium alloy the casing surface gets matt black
decoratively anodised.

Special orders
Both in design and manufacturing on request we can take account of specific customer
requirements such as special dimensions, difficult operating conditions due to extreme
temperature, special fastening elements, toothing for motor operation and other individual

Special diaphragm series
Within the scope of our exceptionally large product range we also offer an extensive product
programme of fully closing iris diaphragms.